Your Ring - Your Style

The Magic of Stackable Bands to Curate the Ring of Your DREAMS

A customer recently asked if halo-style engagement rings would eventually go out of style. She loved the look so much, but didn't want a ring that would look dated in a few years.

My answer was simple, "No, they're sought-after because they're beautiful, classic, and make your center diamond look bigger!" And let's be honest, who doesn't want their diamond to look bigger??

"If this is the style that you love, then GET IT!" Then I showed her the power of stackable bands.

With so many styles to mix and match, HERE is where she could create the best of both worlds....the engagement ring she's always adored AND a ring that was uniquely hers...


I recently put together this beauty (pictured above in the design phase and below once completed) for a customer...with a very tiny finger I might add! The elongated 1.30 carat oval cut diamond is so elegant in the halo style setting.

Halo Engagement Ring Worn Solo

It is STUNNING as is, but check out the examples below...I'm willing to bet you haven't seen another bride style her diamond halo ring in any of these unique ways. I could have played for days, but these were some